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Spin Bike Training Session Details

Spin Bike Session Information

  • The hour-long spin bike sessions are club member led by volunteers.

  • A workout plan is followed with the session leader providing music. 

  • We have two sessions organized by the club on two days and two locations (see details below).

  • All sessions are drop-in. No preregistration or multisession commitment required.

  • Costs are $10 per session for club race/train members, and $15 per session for non-members.

    • Payment via Interac e-transfer to the club at (preferred) or in cash to the leader at the class.

    • See the web site membership page for more details on becoming a race/train member.

    • The club race/train membership pays itself out because we include a post-season, food-included get-together will be planned for club members that attended any sessions.

  • If any members is interested in leading a session, our club has many workouts to use, mix and match, or come with your own. If  you make a music set for your routine, we can use a Bluetooth speaker to play it at our sessions.​ Just contact use via email to let us know. As a small perq, there is no participation fee if you lead a spin session.

2021-11-29 Comox Comm Centre - Spin Bike Area - Screenshot 2021-11-29 083931.png

Sunday at 10:30 a.m.

Location: Comox Community Centre, 855 Noel Ave., Comox

procedures:

  • Sign-in at the front desk.

  • Plan extra time to create a new member record, complete facility waiver form, and present COVID vaccine proof with government-issued photo ID.

  • You can save time and add convenience:

    • Pre-establish your name, address, and contact information by creating a Comox Community Centre membership profile online at ​

    • Ask for a record to be created at first sign-in for COVID compliance. If done, the next visit would require only a name lookup but there would be no need for the waiver form, or having vaccine proof and government-issued photo ID (in case it's forgotten).


  • Sessions are temporarily in a squash court, and limited to ten attendees, due to current COVID restrictions. 

  • Spin bikes are in several arcs with fans that can be turned on for airflow.

  • Lockers and shower facilities available.

2021-11-28 Fitness Excellence - Spin Bike Area.png

Wednesday at 6:00 p.m.

Location: Fitness Excellence, 2637 Moray Pl, Courtenay


  • Tell the front desk rep that you are there for the tri club's spin bike workout. They will note your name with our club.

  • Plan extra time for the first session visit. The facility will require a signing of a release form and vaccine proof with government-issued photo ID. This information is needed only the first time you come to a session.


  • Sessions are limited to eight attendees, and water fountain is not operating, due to current COVID restrictions (bring your own water bottle).

  • Sessions are upstairs in a separate, open area. 

  • Large box fan will provide airflow for the group.

  • Limited open locker space and showers available.

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