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Great Reasons to Join the Club

  • We have loads of fun!

  • Training with friends is motivating.

  • Discounts at our sponsors; Trail Bicycles, Gillian Clayton Physiotherapy, etc.

  • Reduced Triathlon BC membership rate.

  • We offer year round training exclusive to Comox Valley Triathlon (CV Tri) members.

  • Food at club events covers your membership dues (quoting Gillian Clayton)

  • Group training sessions, clinics and seminars, where you can learn from experts and professionals involved in the sport.

If you have any questions about CV Tri club memberships, please submit your question using the general contact form at the bottom of this page.

Join Now

Comox Valley Triathlon Club offers members the opportunity to train and compete with triathletes of all levels. There are two types of club memberships.

  • Social Membership. We welcome everyone to join us in our club social activities (e.g. bowling, pub visits, BBQs, etc.) The CV Tri Club Social membership allows you to join in our social events and to support the club (thank you!). With the social membership you do not need Tri BC membership. This annual membership cost is $25 straight up.

  • Train and Race Membership In order to participate in our organized workouts (e.g. swims, outdoor group rides, bricks, etc.*), members will require the CV Tri Club Train and Race membership (which also requires getting a Tri BC and Tri Canada membership at the same time). The Tri BC membership provides the mandatory insurance to participate in our organized workouts and to participate in triathlons in BC. However, membership in the CV Tri Club also entitles you to a discount when you indicate your CV Tri Club affiliation as you register for the standard Tri BC membership.

Here's the steps to register for either membership:

  1. Go to!/events/10938-comox-valley-triathlon-club. Click the “Register Now” button to start the process up.

  2. You will need a CCN online registration account to get the CV Tri Club membership. Depending on your situation, you may already have a CCN account to use, or you may have to create a new one.

    • If you had a non-social (aka athlete or a train/race member) CV Tri Club membership in the past, you should have had to also get the required 2020 Tri BC/Tri Canada memberships using the CCN processes for their online registrations. - which means you should already have a CCN account to use. So, you should be able to login with the same account/password you used for those Tri BC/Tri Canada online registration memberships, and use that same CCN account for getting the CV Tri Club membership. Login to that account instead of creating a new one.

    • You might already have a CCN account if you registered for triathlon events or possibly memberships for other organizations (e.g., cycling). If so, you can reuse that same CCN account and password to login for the CV Tri Club membership purchase.

    • If none of the above applies to you, you will likely need to create a new CCN account. Create a CCN account at this step.

  3. Choose whether you want to get a “Social” or “Train and Race” membership. It’s just the benefits that differ - which are explained again during registration.

    • If you choose to be a Train and Race member, you will be required to have a current year's Tri BC and a Tri Canada membership. Here’s some relevant points.

      • There is an integration during registration to also register and purchase the 2021 BC Triathlon and Triathlon Canada memberships at the same time.

      • A Tri BC $5 sanctioned/affiliated club member discount will be automatically applied.

      • Note that, if you had a Tri Canada membership in 2020, Tri Canada is waiving their membership fee for 2021 due to COVID.

      • There will be a section where you are requested to provide some background information about yourself. This is optional and, if you would like to provide this information, indicate with the appropriate, selected option for each question.

  4. Enter all the requested information for the individual being registered.

  5. In CCN you can register multiple people through one login account. So, if you normally also handle the registration of a spouse, kids, or any others for the club, you can do so and repeat the step 3 above for each.

  6. Once you have provided all the registration details, you will have several waiver agreements to approve; one for Tri Canada, one for Tri BC, and one for the CV Tri Club. If you have a second (or more) person that you have registered at the same time, and they aren’t there with you to approve the waivers, you will need to indicate that you are not that person. Doing this will cause those people to be emailed with a request to approve the waivers separately - which they need to do to finalize their memberships.

*Note: Participation in the Sunday spins at the Comox Community Centre (1855 Noel Avenue) does not require Tri BC membership, as insurance for that workout is covered by the Comox Community Centre.

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