Bricks Training Session Details

COVID-19 General Policy Protocols (As of June 11, 2021)

The following protocols align with the BC PHO Step 2 guidelines (expected implementation is June 15, 2021). 

  • If a participant does not feel well or is displaying symptoms of COVID-19, they must stay home.

  • If a participant has traveled outside of Canada, you are not permitted at the sessions until you have self-isolated/self-quarantined for a minimum of 14 days.

  • If a participant lives in a household with someone who has COVID-19 or is showing symptoms of COVID19 within the last 14 days, they must not participate.

  • If a participant is in a high-risk category for COVID-19, consider whether they should attend the session or consider applying greater measures than listed in this document.

  • If a participant begins to feel COVID-19 symptoms while at the session, they should report to first aid (or designated individual) – even with mild symptoms. They should wash or sanitize their hands, don a mask, isolate, and go straight home. All surfaces that the participant has been in contact with will be cleaned and disinfected.

  • All participants must register with the organizer and provide their name and contact information (email, phone number) in case later tracing is necessary.

  • If any volunteer or participant develops COVID-19 symptoms within a week of the completion of a session, they must contact the session organizer as well as the B.C. Public Health Office. The organizer will then notify other participants that were at the session for their awareness.

  • Best Practices During Bricks Sessions

  • Wash or sanitize hands before participating.

  • Cough or sneeze into your elbow or sleeve.

  • Bring your own equipment, water bottle and hand sanitizer.

  • Outside of the Field of Play, comply with physical distancing measures.

  • Avoid physical contact with others, including shaking hands, high fives, etc.

Within the Comox Valley Triathlon Club:

  • All registered participants (which includes athletes, volunteers, organizers) for session this year will receive via email the Participant Agreement for COVID-19 Implications for their awareness (content provided at the end of this document).

  • If a participant has already registered as a CV Tri Club member with a Train and Race Membership, you will not need to submit any further online waivers. See details about this club membership on our Membership page on this web site.

  • However, if a participant does not yet have a CV Tri Club Train and Race Membership because they would like to try a session first before committing to a membership, an online waiver with COVID specifics must be agreed to electronically prior to registering for the session. Find this online form at

Specific COVID-19 Protocols for the Bike/Run Brick Sessions

  • For the brick sessions, the field of play will include the transition area, bike course, run course, and finish area. Parking areas are outside of the field of play.

  • It is recommended that participants and volunteers wear nonmedical masks outside of the field of play. Participants are not expected to wear masks while cycling and running during the sessions.

  • The organizer will have available three pairs of rubber gloves in case there is an unusual need to have contact between volunteers and participants (e.g. administering first aid). Anyone may use the gloves as needed. A non-medical face mask and eye protection are also recommended in these situations.


  • All general equipment for transition and traffic control (e.g., bike racks, cones, signage) will be sanitized before and after the sessions.

  • Each participant sets up their own equipment in their own space.



  • The following points are general points for the cycling segment of the session. There are no COVID-specific protocols for this segment.

  • Cyclists will start in a wave and off-bike with a short run to their bike without wearing shoes or helmet.

  • No-drafting zones will be the normal 10 metres.

  • If a cyclist is to pass another:

    • The passing cyclist should attempt to pass when conditions would allow for safe passing.

    • The passing cyclist will call out to leading cyclist “passing on left”.

    • The cyclist being passed will ease off pedalling to allow quicker pass, and then fall back to the 10 metre separation before resuming pace.



  • The following points are general points for the run segment of the session. There are no COVID-specific protocols for this segment.

  • If a runner is to pass another:

    • The passing runner should attempt to pass when conditions would allow for safe passing

    • The passing runner will call out to lead runner “passing on left”.



  • Any socializing after the finish may be acceptable as long as social gathering protocols are maintained.


Post Finish

  • Any recorded results will be shared electronically using the provided contact information.

Session Registration

Thanks for registering!

Bricks Courses

The following list are the common bricks course used by the club. The selected course will be announced for each brick through the Comox Valley Tri Club's Facebook group page. Bring your bike, helmet, water bottle, sunglasses and runners. Being a club-sanctioned activity with Tri BC, a club, Tri BC, and Tri Canada membership will be required with a provision of being allowed to try out one session before needing to obtain memberships for future sessions. Comox Valley Triathlon Club members and non-members are welcome with a respective fee of $2 and $5 per session. 


Any recorded results will be shared electronically using the provided contact information.

Goose Spit Course

It starts in transition at the very end of the road (Hawkins Road) on Goose Spit by the gate to the DND property (Google Maps location From start/line/transition area, ride up Hawkins Road (north) up the hill curving around to turn right at the intersection onto Torrence Road and then immediately right again onto Lazo Road and follow it through a 90 degree turn to the left (don't miss this) and then follow Lazo Road until you reach the turnaround cone just after the Cape Lazo RV campground and before the waterfront, and return. Total distance is 10 km.


The run course goes from the start/finish/transition on Goose Spit, up the stairs to Yates Road, down Yates and then continue back  on Hawkins Road to the start/finish line. Total distance is 1.9 km.  

Kin Beach Course

The bike course starts on Astra Road at the entrance to Kin Beach Provincial Park (Google Maps location From a Transition Area set up in the Park, go to the start line on Astra Road, head left (south) up the hill on Astra Road to Kilmorley Road, right on Kilmorley Road to Little River Road, right on Little River to Booth Road, right on Booth Road to Astra Road to the start/finish line and the Transition Area. Total distance is 3.45 km - so do three laps for a total of 10.35 km.


The run course goes from the start finish line south up the hill on Astra Road to Kilmorley Road, then down Kilmorley Road al lthe way to the entrance to the Griffin Pub, then back to the start/finish line. Total distance is 2.2 km.  

Point Holmes Course

​10 km bike ride followed by a 1.3km run loop times 2 (2.6 km total).


It starts in transition near the boat launch at Point Holmes in Comox (Google Maps location 


The bike route is south on Lazo Road, right on Guthrie Road, right on Pritchard Road, right on Knight Road, and return to transition on Lazo Road. Total distance 10 km. 


The run will be on the path off Lazo Road on the water side going south for .65 km to turnaround cone and return. Two loop distance is 2.6 km.


Royston Course

Meet in transition in the parking lot at the Roy's Towne Pub in Royston on the old Island Island 3 km south of Courtenay. The address if you need it is 4000 Island Hwy South in Royston.  (Google Maps location

The bike start is on the far side of the highway across from the Pub by Hayward Ave (opposite the south end of the Pub parking).  The route is south on the highway from Roy’s Towne Pub to Argyle Road, left on Argyle for a short distance (200 m) then next left on Kilmarnock Drive all the way to the end, then left on Spindrift Road back up to the Highway, right onto the Highway back to a finish line by the Pub on Hayward Ave.  Total distance 9 km. 


The run goes down from the Highway on Hayward Ave to Marine Drive, then left on Marine Drive all along the water back up to the highway, then back on the Highway to Roy’s Towne Pub.  Total distance 2.7 km